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Hippy's, καφέ μπάρ στο Καρλόβασι, Σάμου

Hippy's cafe - bar in Karlovasi, Samos, Greece

Hippy's beach bar and restaurant is a special place located on the uniquely beautiful area of Potami, Samos. head was assigned with the extension of the restaurant area on the beach front, the construction of a new larger bar and chill out area and the renovation of the restaurant's kitchen. 
Apostolos Sikelianos who is the manager of Hippy's, has an exquisite and playful taste, his art and aesthetics are distinct elements in the space. The atmosphere of the whole place is of properties we ourselves appreciate and like very much. Therefore, with our intervention, we intended to complement and enhance the existing decorative aura and character of Hippy's rather than to alter it. The features we have created have completly blended in into the existing space. On the contrary, the old and unmodernised kitchen was changed to a new, totally functional space to meet all regulation standards.

The following photos reveal a journey, under the shifting September late afternoon light, through the new and existing exterior areas of the beach bar and restaurant and also into the interior space of the renovated kitchen of Hippy's.

Many thanks to Apostolos and the construction team for the wonderful and fun collaboration. Many thanks also to Sofianos Drapaniotis for his photographs.

An additional photographic diary of the construction process will follow.


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